Taking the hassle out of party planning

November always seems to bring a sense of urgency – weeks seem to fly past at an alarming rate and before you know it you’re frantically trying to organise some kind of get together with all those old friends who you text more than see and spend ages promising to ‘meet up soon’.

I always make an effort to have a bit of a bash and this year I’m starting to plan it now! Last year, after thousands of emails and a lot of effort we had an Alice in Wonderland party, the year before that was gansters and molls. Only trouble is it takes so long to get the message out, find out who’s coming, who’s doing what, whether my best bud Liz will be making pavlova – all the important things.party1

I’ve found a great little app by Fancy Dress Ball to help me get organised and keep track of what’s happening and who’s doing what. I can send out Facebook invites with the app and keep an eye on who’s replied instead of constantly emailing and calling to find out if they’re coming or not. I can let everyone know what the theme is and even check out what others will be wearing – perfect.

So this year’s theme of ‘Harry Potter All Grown Up’ is set – everyone’s had the invite and we’re ready to go. So far only one ‘Hermoine gone bad’, so don’t think I’ll have any competition!

Social media sometimes acts to distance ourselves from meeting up and be a barrier to making time to actually see each other. This nifty app  just makes the whole process easier and means I’m more likely to have enough energy to actually enjoy the party too. I love Christmas but organising something with my friends is a military operation at the best of times!

I’ll be using the extra time for a bit of Christmas cheer and a few cheeky eggnogs.

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