Cancer, family and what matters most

Over the past few weeks we’ve been dealing with a horrible illness.

Cancer has kicked it’s way through our door and laid on the sofa like an angry squatter – relentless in it’s mission and without thought or care for those living there.

Jonathan’s mum had throat cancer several years ago and sadly it came back. She’s had major surgery. Amazing surgery to be honest, they used an artery from her arm and tissue from the arm to rebuild her throat and create a clean blood supply. They did other stuff too which sounds hideous and painful and so intrusive it takes your breath away.

But it was all to help her live. She’s been in hospital six weeks, unable to eat or even do the most mundane of things and enjoy a cup of tea. She’s going home today and it’s a relief for everyone. She’s far from better and there are months of uncertainty ahead but it’s one hell of a step forward considering the severity of her illness.

I have wanted to say how brave and amazing my boy had been (the big one). Despite little or no support from other areas of his family, he has been determined to see his mum everyday and do all he can.  I’m so proud of him and it’s been painful to watch the heavy load on his shoulders as he battled on day in day out to try to hold things together. I haven’t told him because I don’t want him to lose the plot and breakdown because I know that would be awful for him.

His is a fractured family, torn apart through the years by actions, emotions and a mixture of weakness and stubbornness. These few weeks have only served to confirm what we all know. Family is precious, there is nothing more than it and its whole is certainly greater than the sum of it’s parts.

A wall without cement is just a pile of bricks.

10 thoughts on “Cancer, family and what matters most

  1. I hope you all find the strength you need. My husband is currently at his nan’s funeral. They fell out many years ago and it’s such a shame that bridges were only just being built. I cannot stress enough to my children the importance of family x

  2. Sending you love and hugs. Family feuds and disagreements are a nightmare, I know from experience. I hope the treatment is successful and that it gives absent family the kick up the arse that is required xx

  3. Sending you and your big brave man lots of good wishes and prayers. I hope she gets better and makes a fully recovery. A friends husband has got it (again) so worrying. Such an awful horrible disease.

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