Getting hot and steamy with Vax

I’ve been lucky enough to review the new Vax Total Home Master steam mop. It’s a 2-in-1 cleaner, which not only cleans your floors but has loads of attachments to clean those pesky areas like tiles, mirrors and even upholstery.


On Sunday I went on an all-out steaming assult on the house and the whole process was easy and completely and utterly addictive. When used as a floor mop you simply attached the mop cleaning pads to the bottom and away you go. It’s relatively light and just does a great job. With young children in the house I love the fact it’s simply water – nothing else, no chemicals just god old H2O. The head swivels really easily meaning you can manuveure it into difficult places too.

Me in full Ghost Busters mode!

It’s when you get the attachments out that the fun really begins! I used the smallest nozzle to get into the corners of my shower – you know the place, where all the soap gunk collects and turned an attractive browny rust colour. I took aim, fired and after a few seconds wiped away all the sludge – perfect. You do need to keep a cloth or kitchen roll with you to wipe away the debris and it’s surprising just how much comes off!

While in the shower room I also squeegied the door using a different attachment. This was a bit more tricky but no less satisfying! It was just getting the angle right. I really like the fact it has a strap to hook over your arm and a really long lead so you’re not always having to plug in somewhere else. As I walked around the hosue with my steamer strapped over my shoulder and nozzle in hand I could distinctly hear Jonathan humming the Ghost Busters theme tune – to be fair I did look a bit like Dan Aykroyd minus the boiler suit!

There are loads of attachments, including a wire wool-effect brush and another softer bristle brush and next on my list is the oven and the arms of our sofa. It’s a great product and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality floor steamer but who fancies bringing out the big guns and tackling those stubborn stains at the weekend – or is that just me?


I wasn’t paid for this review but I was sent a steam mop to review.


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