Blogging; selling out or taking control?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the commercialisation of blogging and sensing a growing distain for the sponsored posts and advertorial angles creeping into the virtual community.

I get it, I really do but what’s really getting my goat (if I had one) is the idea I’ve been reading that it’s, within the largely female parent blogger world, in anyway anti-feminist. As with all communities, technologies, societies it is growing, changing and evolving into something with a commercial edge. It’s inevitable and somewhat naive to expect it not to.

Anyway – why does everything have to be a feminist issue? Does anyone actually know what a feminist is? Just this morning I have read four definitions on the net. Anyone out there give me a description? Is it choice? Is it equality – surely that’s a given unless you are an oppressor/dictator/nazi or other equally repugnant person? I’m a little angry that blogging and making money out of it seems to be being hijacked and used as another stick with which to hit women. (GGGRRRR – that’s me angry).

I’m not belittling women’s rights – quite the opposite. I don’t want them to be diluted amid confusion and challenges that have another agenda.

Commercialisation within this community isn’t wrong, more a symptom of predominantly women taking opportunities and control. Now I’m aware there are some men who blog in the parental blogging world but I’m talking in general and in the majority. Also I’m presuming feminism and commercialism aren’t mutually exclusive and never have been – bearing my soul in a blog doesn’t make me a feminist any more than writing a sponsored post takes that away.

Blogging and earning money or products through our writing is empowering. (I’ve stolen and bastardised that from a great tweet I read on a Blogfest roundup!)  We’re tuning into how women buy, what we like to see, the fact other people in a similar position matter to us. Empathy in advertorials is hugely driven by women and so the gentler form of selling, buying and reviewing offered by blogging fits this perfectly.

We are doing it because we can, because there is opportunity and because it’s a chance to shift work life balance. If I can sit in the evening after work and after my son is in bed and write a sponsored post well and make some money out of it.  I’m taking control, evolving the world of work to fit me and my family – totally and utterly feminist – isn’t it?

It’s claiming something and using our savvy to create another source of income. As long as we do it honestly and opening and with integrity then I see no reason to stop or change it. Claiming we’re all being railroaded into writing posts for unscrupulous companies is also insulting to women. It’s inferring we don’t make decisions but act passively to serve a commercially-fuelled society. But for me and many of the women I know it’s a clear decision because it works for us.

Now I’m off to write a post about a very good steam cleaner . Yes, that’s right, a steam-cleaning; blog-writing, no nonsense sort of feminist type woman – that’s me.

5 thoughts on “Blogging; selling out or taking control?

  1. I don’t quite get all the feminist comments I hear. Am I a feminist if I believe my husband should help with the child rearing and house cleaning? Am I letting women everywhere down when I say I think there are some jobs men are just better suited to – ones that require a great deal of strength for a start. Sorry, but men are generally (not always but generally) stronger physically?
    I work for myself, I earn my own money, but I like to dress nicely to please my husband – I quite like him to fancy me. So – am I feminist or not? I find it all quite confusing.

    • Agree, I think the great thing about the evolution of social media is that it does allow this – within the bounds of decency etc. Self moderating.

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