Competition: Win a personalised year planner


I love a diary, planner, organiser – in fact anything I can write a list in! I’m obsessed so when I was given the chance to review the new Personal Planner website and build my own – I jumped at the chance. Like many working mums I live by the quality of my planning and quite frankly at times it’s dire and my lists are written on scrap paper and shoved into the depths of my handbag never to be seen again!

The team at Personal Planner came to my rescue and I have just ordered my very own planner for 2014 complete with personal photos and my own dates to remember. It was genuinely an easy process – you just decide what planner you’d like and personalise it.

It’s such a lovely idea and I’m looking forward to getting mine in the post soon. I’ve gone for an all out girlie pink and mint green theme with lovely photos of Arthur on the front and back.

If you’d like to ramp up your organisational skills or even treat someone to a fab personalised Christmas present then I have an online gift voucher from Personal Planner up for grabs.

If you’d like to win then simply leave me a comment on the blog telling me which Bank Holiday you’d add to your calendar for 2014. You can also email me at

Terms and conditions:

This giveaway is for UK residents only.

The prize in not exchangeable

The competition will close on November 30 at midnight

34 thoughts on “Competition: Win a personalised year planner

  1. I would love to see a Stress Awareness Day, this year it was held onthe 6th Nov. Make it a Bank Holiday, lets just admit we are all stressed out (most of the time) and have a day to focus reducing stress levels on! I know that I could use one.

  2. It would be great to have a national family and neighbours day where everyone has to spend some time with their family and neighbours having fun doing all the childish things we never have time to.

  3. I’d add the longest, hottest day of the year so everyone could enjoy it and barbecue and enjoy a day of relaxing. We could call it SUN day! Wait, that won’t work…

  4. I would love a national family day, where you get together with your families, doesn’t have to be related family but could be family of friends or a team family such as a netball team. It’s all about spending the day together.

  5. St. Andrews day, 30th November, lots of people I know have birthdays on this date and it takes ages to chat to them all so if I had all day to do so it would be great

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