Competition – lose a few lbs before Christmas!

Christmas is coming and along with it the enslaught of food, food and more food, sprinkled with a liberal amount of alcohol! In the weeks leading up to Christmas I always try to loose a few pounds to give myself some ‘breathing space’ for the festive season.

I’m going to give a new slimming supplement a try and see if it will shift a bit of lard before Santa arrived.  Formoline L112 has been since 2007, Germany’s number one slimming supplement and works by reducing the overall calorie intake from food – specifically from dietary fats – removing them safely from your body before they are digested. Results show a possible weight loss of up to 7kg over a 4-week period.

I can’t say I’ll be successful but it’s had some great reviews and I’m going to give it a shot!

If you fancy joining me then make sure you have a good read through about the product here:  then, if you want to, enter this competition – it’s simple. Just email me at or leave a comment on this blog post and you could win 10 free boxes. All entrants have to be over 18, competition closes 15 November and I’ll let the winner know by email on 16 November. No alternative prize available.

Formoline L112 usually costs £24.95 for 48 tablets but here’s a £10.00 money-off voucher for every reader to spend on formoline online at Simply type in SLIM112 when prompted at the checkout.

25 thoughts on “Competition – lose a few lbs before Christmas!

  1. I’m trying to lose weight, but am rather dubious about slimming supplements. It will be interesting to read your comments.

  2. I’ve put quite a few pounds on in the last few years since I reached middle age,would love to try the slimming supplement to see if it could help me lose a few pounds before Christmas

  3. Trying to lose weight since i’ve just gotten engaged so will be planning my wedding soon so would eb great to try something to help me along :)

  4. I’m an advocate of healthy eating and exercise but at this time of year, I’m so busy and having to grab food on the run which isn’t always what I’d choose so I’d love this for those frantic days.

  5. i had an operation on my leg after a pseudo aneurism. ive found it difficult and extremely painful to walk since then and have gained a lot of weight that really gets me down. i dont even leave my home any more as i dont want to be seen and live in pyjamas as i have no clothes that fit. i would love to win this.

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