Bewilderwood – a truly magical day out

Last week we were lucky enough to review an amazingly magical day out – Bewilderwood.

In the heart of the Norfolk countryside Bewilderwood has to be my favourite family day out ever. I don’t give this praise lightly, I’ve been out and about with my boy loads and had some wonderful times, but Bewilderwood tops them all. We went along with four other mums and four two-years-olds as well as a four-year-old.

My sister-in-law who writes RocknrollerBaby also came along with her children, Florence and Jimmy and I know she’s a massive fan of the place too.

It’s based on the book ‘A Boggle at Bewilderwood’ by Tom Blofeld and from the moment you arrive the treetops are sprinkled with tiny Twiggle and Boggle houses. It’s not a theme park, it’s not a playground – it’s unique and innocent and beautiful and so well done I honestly can’t find fault.  We went during their Halloween extravaganza and the path in was filled with pumpkins and spiders webs. Then you enter the great expanse of adventure play areas, story-telling, craft-making and so much more.


Arthur loved the story-telling and dressed up as a boggle to listen to the magical tales. He and his little friends spent hours playing in among the trees, collecting sticks to make dens and then tearing round the fantastic play areas with ‘Tricky Tunnels’ and ‘Toddlerwood’. The baby zip wires were a huge hit and I’m sure he would have stayed on them for hours if he could.bewilderfinal1

The carpark had seemed very busy when we arrived but the layout of the place meant it never felt hugely busy. For me it’s the perfect childhood playground, it relies on imagination and wonder and just gives you enough tools to bring it all to life – there are no massive rides or huge rollercoasters.

Later in the day we made lanterns ready for the Halloween lantern parade and everyone gathered together under the glowing bat to wander the paths and spot fantastical creatures and goulish surprises. I’m a fully fledged grown-up and I loved it so I can only imagine how it felt to be two-and-a-half and seeing witches in treetops, bats and spiders tucked in boggle houses and the amazing twinkling lights as the parade came to an end.


It’s a place that works for children of all ages and I will definitely be going back year after year with Arthur and his friends. Oh and one more thing – there are plenty of toilets and despite the weather making it a bit muddy they are perfectly clean and I didn’t queue once!


I wasn’t paid to write this but I was given tickets for a review.

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