NSPA with Asda – beauty buys that won’t break the bank!

The last few weeks I’ve been trying out some fab new beauty products from NSPA’s range exclusively at Asda.

First up was the cleansing hot cloth polish. Now over the years I’ve been using a well known brand which also has this hot cloth polishing system and I’ve loved it so I was interested to find out if this could come close. At just £7, including the cloth it’s literally half the price of my normal one.

polish17So far I’ve not been disappointed. It’s really gentle and leaves my skin feeling clean without being dry. You only need one pump so it seems it will last as long as the more expensive one as well. This stuff is really good! A far more purse-friendly alternative which I will be sticking with in future.


coconut1Next up was the Coconut Bath and Shower crème which comes in at £3. It smells delicious and just reminds me of holidays – great at this time of year when it’d dark and miserable. Arthur also loves it and I’ve been using it in his bath because we ran out of his special toddler stuff. It’s gentle, moisturising and has not had any reaction on his skin either – another fab bargain.

Finally I’ve been using the NSPA Night Repair Cream - perfect at this time of year when central heating and cold nights play havoc with your skin and mine was starting to feel like it had been swapped with that of an 85-year-old! It works overnight to strengthen and protect your skin and it’s paraben free. At just £6 it’s a steal and left my skin feeling as good as more expensive ones I’ve tried. It’s thick and rich and feel indulgent too.

Overall I’ve been hugely impressed with the range – it offers quality with affordability and that has to be a good thing.

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