‘What To Expect’ goes online

When I was pregnant I spent a huge amount of time thumbing through books on pregnancy and one of the best known was ‘What to Expect’. Everyone had read it, whether eagerly buying brand new or borrowing a well-loved version from a friend.

I found it a great read, well-informed, easy to understand but full of common sense and expert opinion. I’m starting to think about baby number 2 I was so pleased to see this wonderful title is now a UK website – still full of fantastic advice and common sense to help you get through the most wonderful and sometimes toughest nine months.

But more than this when I clicked on the site I realised it covers toddlers too! It’s probably because I never bought books beyond the first few months but I never realised ‘What to Expect’ covers toddlers – result!

Such a find and I loved the coloured meal planner buttons at the top – I’m always looking for new ways to entice Arthur to eat veg.  With tips on playing, behaviour and potty training I found myself hooked. I literally sat down with an hour to spend looking at this site and got up to make a cup of tea two hours later! There are also some great interactive tools like recipe swaps and blogs – gotta love a blog!

I’d jotted down some new meals, managed to put my mind at rest about how potty training was going and learned some fantastic tips to deal with toddler tantrums.

Heidi Murkoff, author of the original bestseller, has created something that gives great advice and invaluable support. It’s recognisable worldwide but still manages to feel small, personal and a bit like a warm hug when you’re looking for reassurance. I also found the site very easy to use, no inane clicking with little idea where you’re going.  Clearly signposted so it’s ideal when you’re snatching a quick ten minutes between naps and feeds etc.

Over the coming months I’ll be using it to help me chart the choppy waters of toddlerdom while keeping an eye on the ovulation calculator and other great tips around getting pregnant – for when I’m ready to do it all over again!


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