Asda’s fabulous new Bloom fragrance

Sometimes you pay for what you get and there are moments when I wish I’d dug a little deeper and paid a bit more. Sometimes you come across a product which is simply stands alone as a great quality budget product. Not a passable imitation or a ‘not bad’ reserve when you’re skint. I’ve been using a new fragrance which falls right into this category – it’s simply gorgeous!

Asda has teamed up with NSPA to produce a great range of fragrances and I was lucky enough to try Bloom. They are exclusive to Asda and come in at a purse-friendly £8.

Bloom is described as a ‘floral scent of blissful bouquets and pretty petals with feminine tones of Rose, Jasmine and Tuberrose. It’s not over-powering as some cheaper fragrances can be and I instantly fell in love with it.

Perfume is a very personal thing, we have our ’signature scent’, you might have a day perfume and a going out perfume. But whatever your relationship with it, it has to make you feel good.

Bloom does just that – I didn’t just quite like the smell but really loved it. I was surprised just how lovely it was, gentle, easy to wear and lasts all day. In fact I’m writing this at 5pm and can still smell the light floral smell I sprayed this morning.

The packaging is pretty and classy and stands up against my other far more expensive perfumes so I’ve happily displayed it on my dressing table. Even my lovely other half said: “ Oooh, you smell like summer – delicious” . Now that’s not bad for £8.

I’ve been wearing it everyday and when it runs out I won’t be sad. I’ll just pop down to Asda and pick up another one for the princely sum of £8 – now that’s the kind of bargain I like.

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