Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

Normally I hear my friends moaning about their partners and how they keep them awake snoring.

Well, confession time. In my house it’s me who keeps everyone awake. I know it’s been a bad night when I see his groggy-eyed looks of disgust in the morning.

I know if I sleep on my back I snore like a trooper – so much so that I can sometimes wake myself up. I blame my dad, I’m sure it’s genetic! For the last few weeks I’ve been trying out the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring. It’s a small ring you wear on your little finger when you go to bed. It works on the principles of acupressure on two points of your finger.

 I will admit I was sceptical. How can a ring actually help me stop snoring when someone elbowing me and holding my nose literally has no effect? I’ve been hugely surprised. It’s so simple, you just choose your ring size online and it arrived in a little pouch all ready for you to drift off in to a somewhat more silent night’s sleep.

Night one: Me: “So did it work? Did I snore last night?” Him: “ Not sure, ask me again tomorrow.” This was a good sign that continued through the next few days.

After a week. Me: “So, do you think the ring is helping me to stop snoring?” Him “Umm, yes, I’ve been sleeping through so it must be”.

Finally last week. Me: “I might stop wearing the ring to see if it’s working. Him: “No! Don’t! I’ve realised you’re not snoring”.

He did qualify it by saying when he comes to bed he can hear a light snore but in his own words “nothing I can’t deal with”. ’ I’ve tried loads of sprays and mouth things before but nothing ever made a difference and I’ve always steered clear of things like this thinking logically they can’t work.   

 It’s discreet, easy to wear and now just forms part of my night time routine. Shower, teeth, ring – it’s that easy. On a serious note, snoring can be awful for those kept awake and I’m so pleased to have found something that, so far, makes night times a little easier for everyone. When you buy you also get a 30-day money back guarantee which shows just how confident they are it will work.

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  1. Hi, there, i got the same response off my other half, i tried the yin yang snoring ring and it worked. I couldn’t believe it! First i wondered if it was the placebo effect, but then i looked into acupressure and I believe there is something in it. We are all made of energy after all. Glad your sleeping better. I can’t tell you how better I feel in the morning without the nightly prods. And Mr Phillips is less moody!

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