Vax handheld vacuum – a kitchen revelation

Two cats, a toddler and a white kitchen floor was never a good idea – but then I’m not sure white floors ever are unless you’re planning to wear those crime investigation all-in-ones suits around the house.

My floors always seem to look messy, with crumbs, hair and unidentified ‘bits’ loitering around.¬† It’s such a pain lugging out a big vacuum cleaner every time I want to have a quick clean and, to be quite honest, I rarely did.

The Vax handheld Gator

The Vax handheld Gator

So, I’ve been reviewing the VAX H90-GA-B Gator.The Gator is a handheld vacuum, rechargeable and sits nicely on my worktop without the hassle of finding a cupboard for it. I’m genuinely impressed. In terms of making life easier it certainly ticks the box – it’s quick, easy to use and clean and my floors are very thankful!

I was also¬†surprised how powerful it was – even if it is rather noisy!. It’s never going to replace a proper vacuum but when I need to have a quick whiz over the floor and get rid of the cat hair and crumbs it’s perfect. In fact it’s quite addictive because it makes a huge difference very quickly and with the pull-out nozzle it can get into corners a large vacuum never could.

It’s cordless and pretty lightweight which means you can get to grips with mess where ever it is – quickly. It’s also strangley satisfying to be able to pop open the filter in the flick of a thumb and see just how much crap you’ve managed to pick up!

A great addition to my kitchen and I have been using it everyday without much hassle. It’s easy to clean and the filter can even be put in the washhing machine. Like most Vax products it just makes life a bit easier and saves me sweeping the floor or doing a whole vacuum through.

Arthur is also quite keen on it, although I don’t think the cat he’s been trying to ‘clean’ is quite as keen!


I haven’t been paid for this review but I was sent the product to review

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