The £50 kitchen makeover

I’ve taken a deep breath and decided to revamp my kitchen on a budget – a very tight budget!

I’m taking part in the MoneySupermarket #HomeImprovementHero challenge which means I have £50 to make a difference. When the challenge came along I knew exactly what I’d do as we’d been given some fab solid wood worktops but that was it! So the basis of my kitchen makeover is to add to this, persuade my dad and partner to make it happen!



Introducing the main players in this project:

My dad for patiently and brilliantly cutting said worktops, making them fit and doing everything humanly possible to improve our kitchen on a budget.

Jonathan who scoured the shops and internet for tile bargains and found a beauty! Driving across the city to get our bargain extractor fan and spending a long time making it fit and putting up new tiles!

Me – for my vision and excellent project management skills – he he he!

So here’s what we bought: A ridiculously amazing bargain on Ebay. We bought a £700 NEFF gas hobb for the princely sum of £23. Once it had had a clean up it looks like new.



A new extractor fan from freecycle – so no cost at all

One box of white tiles – £4.75

Kitchen tap – £7.50

Two tins of French grey paint for the walls – these were buy one get one half price and cost £ 15

Three lovely Norwich-themed prints for the wall from Gumtree – £5








So far we’ve made a huge difference with the princely sum of £55.25

We kept the white tiles and just cleaned them up and when we’re back from holiday we’ll be painting all through in lovely French grey.

What I’ve learned.

  • The internet really is your best friend
  • Always drive slowly past skips!
  • Sometimes you have to play a waiting game and be prepared to work hard for your bargains. Today we’re all too busy wanting everything now but taking a while to make do and mend and scour for a bargain is just so much more satisfying. It can be frustrating and time consuming too but I it’s about taking a completely different view and running with it.
  • Our kitchen is a work in progress but it’s really liberating to go out there and make something fab for a few pounds. We’re not experts, we’re just a family wanting to improve our home for little money
  • Having little money to play with brings a new-found focus which is invaluable

I wanted quality and while we’ve still got things to do, what we’ve bought on a budget of just over £50 is pretty impressive! If we can do it, anyone can.

Stage two

We’ll be sanding down the cupboard doors. We were going to get new ones but my dad pointed out they were solid wood and just needed a little TLC. Then ripping out the lighting and putting in some plain wall lights.

We’ve also rescued some solid oak from a house renovation and Jonathan is going to make me some rustic kitchen shelves. I’ll definitely be blogging about this again and sharing our progress and bargain hunting.

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