Aldi nappy challenge

Last month we kicked off our Aldi month-long nappy challenge. The challenge being to swap our normal brand for Aldi’s Mamia brand and see what we thought.

I was planning to wait right until the end of the month but quite frankly, I’ve been so pleased with them I thought – why wait?! A few months ago I was converted to the Mamia baby wipes – incidently they’ve just one the Mother and Baby Gold Award- again. So I was intrigued to try their nappies, I’d heard good things about them and importantly, they would practically slash the cost of nappies on a monthly basis in half.

We’d been using Pampers which had been great, no problems with them and Arthur seemed more than happy but it’s expensive. So when I saw the cost of a pack of 40 Mamia size 5s is just £4.49, I was sure something had to be wrong!

Mamia nappies

Mamia nappies from Aldi

I have three criteria really when it comes to nappies:

  • How long do they last? How many hours do I get out of them during the day compared to others
  • Leaking – do they last the night properly and comfortably? To put it honestly, do these cheaper nappies hold back the pooh spillage!
  • Finally and I guess most importantly – what does Arthur think? Are they comfortable on his little bum, do they fit his legs well and does he ever mention them.

So here’s what we found:
They lasted easily as well  as Pampers and other supermarket brands I’ve used. Arthur’s two now so doesn’t need changing as often and when I did change him they were still dry and not damp on his bottom. This was from around 7.30am to 11.30-12. For me this is good for two reasons, firstly I know they last and don’t irritate in secondly it impacts price. It’s no good being cheap if you have to use loads. The night time nappy was equally impressive. He generally woke up and the lining was still dry.

I’m really happy to say that we’ve honestly had no pooh leakages whatsoever. Not one! I’m so impressed with the quality for the price, He also uses them when at nursery and I’ve double checked and they’ve had no problems either. We had a couple of leaks during the night which were just wee and these were both nights he’d slept in so had the same nappy from about 6.30pm to 7.30am.

Finally, my boy is happy! I asked him right at the beginning how his bottom felt and he said “lovely” and since then he’s never complained and I know he would say if uncomfortable. I’ve also monitored his nappy rash and apart from a teething rash a couple of weeks ago he’s been fine.

I wrote a few months ago how I’d become an Aldi convert – I really mean it. These nappies are a great price with no compromise on quality, While the economy remains in freefall and family budgets are being stretched to the max it’s refreshing to see Aldi constantly offering realistic choices for families. I will definitely be continuing to use them and I’m looking forward to trying out the pull-ups next.

Aldi’s nappies came out top along with Pampers in the Which? Survey – they really shone when it came to value for money.


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