What Arthur said….

Inspired by another blogger I’ve kept a list of the things Arthur said to me over the last fews weeks -some of them comical, some violent and others simply mortifying. All proof that toddlers are indeed tyrannical beings concerned only with their own survival!

Whe I asked him not to pick his nose: ” Mummy I mash this nose stuff on you.”

While out in the park an elderly lady came past in a wheelchair: ” Mummy, a monster!”

When asked to give his granny a kiss: ” No, I too busy banging things.”

Getting ready for bed: “Mummy your face is big.Your teeth is dirty. You are like poo poo.”

On waking up and shouting through at 5am: ” Mummy where are you? I need a bath cause Winnie poo on me“. Winnie is his cuddly toy.

My personal fav: ” Mummy you happy?” I answered yes and he said: “You grumpy cause you look like gruffalo and I cut your feet off with my saw.” I think this was a heady combination of the book we’d just read and his new tool kit!

When asked if he wants a yoghurt while in the park: ” No, help me, help me!” Simple yet effective.

Sometimes it’s important to remember the ridiculous, slightly unhinged things, as well as the cute things they say. We’ll all need ammunition for the 18th birthday!

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