Turbo-charged roast chicken thanks to Schwartz

If I had to choose one food to take on a desert island with me it would be the humble roast chicken. I just love it – it’s a big comforting cuddle and let’s face it it’s pretty easy to get right too.

So anything that turbo-charges my most favourite meal has to be worth a try. This week I took chicken to a new level with the Schwartz 2 in 1 roast chicken and roast potato flavouring. One packet with all the flavouring you need to fool everyone you’re a great cook.

It got the thumbs up all round

It’s so easy, simply mix the seasoning with a little oil and smother over a scored chicken. We used it on a whole bird but it would work equally as well on legs and breasts. Cook as you normally would and hey presto, a little over two hours later we had a delicious roast. The flavourings worked so well and helped keep the chiken moist. Containing garlic and thyme, as well as marjoram, paprika and other delightful bits and bobs I would never use, it gave the chicken an almost mediteranian taste but was not over-powering. Far easier than chopping everything individually and mixing them all up.

As for the potatoes – oh my word they were good. I remember watching Nigella using semolena on her roasties and making a mental note to do the same and reel in their coquetish crispiness that no one can resist. As usual I never got round to it – until now.


Again it was so simple, just par boil the spuds and add the seasoning before popping in a tray of hot oil. They took about 45 mins and were seriously good. I always make far too many and have loads left over but not this time.

The seasoning have no nasties like artifical colours and chemicals and couldn’t be easier to use. To be honest as long as you can read, or someone near you can, I think it would be quite hard to go wrong. A great idea for cutting down on prep time but not cutting down on taste – perfect for me in my eternal quest for the 25th hour! I’d definitely use them again and I’m looking forward to giving the pasta bake a go next week too.

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘What’s for Dinner Tonight?’ sponsored by Schwartz. Find out more about the new 2in1 mixes here.


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