Happy Birthday Cabbage Patch Kids!

There are some things that define your childhood. It could be the Rubics cube, Slinkies, Transfomers and most definitely Cabbage Patch Kids. The CPKs have been a much-loved feature on the landscape of childhood toys for 30 years – yes that’s right, 30 years! Born in 1983 it’s time to say a big Happy birthday!

Arthur and I were lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive party at the famous Hamleys store in London to celebrate their birthday. What a fab time we had. Walking into Hamleys is like walking back through all your pre-teenage Christmas’s. Everyone turned up and waited excitedly outside before being greeted by two of the well-known Cabbage Patch Kids and the fun began.


The Cabbage Patch Kids are unique, each has it’s own birth certificate and the lucky boy or girl who gets to look after them can fill it in and send it off – to make it official. How good is that?! Children for 30 years have loved their stories and it’s great to know there’s more to come with lovely new anniversary dolls and even a mini range too.

We played lovely party games and Arthur was rather taken with the craft table – although his creation seems to be soley made up of silver glitter! The we ate fab retro 80s food, including mini trifles, quiches and prawn cocktails, complete with party plates and hats. Plus an amazing three-tier cake to celebrate the occasion


Despite being born the wrong side of the 80s – I still managed to feel like a child again and I hope the Cabbage Patch Kids continue to feature in childhoods across the world – I for one would be up for celebrating their 60th!

There are new lines arriving for the 30th year celebrations including the mini collection and special anniversary kids and we got to see some of these – they look amazing.

For more information on Cabbage Patch Kids please see www.jakks.com.




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