Nurturing nature – Kids Grow Wild gardening fun!

I love getting outside with my boy and what simpler way than in the garden.

Granted it’s less cultivating beautiful flowers and more making a mess and spreading mud but anything that lets him enjoy nature has to be good. So we were really pleased when our Kids Grow Wild Little Pals gardening kit arrived.

It’s so cute and Arthur absolutely loved having his own little bag of tools. Great quality too and I’m tempted to swap my own rusty old watering can for his lovely bright green one! The wooden handled tools were also lovely and it made a nice change to have something robust made specifically for children. I’ve brought the plastic ones before but they never seem to last. The gloves a great additions too – bit big for Arthur at the moment but he insisted on wearing them anyway!


We had a brilliantly messy afternoon digging a few random holes then finding some old pots to plant his seeds. Having his own set of gardening bits and bobs really made him feel part of the process. Rather than just ‘helping mummy’,  it meant he felt he was in control. This does mean we have some ‘creatively’ placed seeds, but that’s part of the fun!

Kids Grow Wild fun!

Arthur is keen each morning to go outside and check on the progress so we’ll let you know when they appear. This is such an easy and cost-effective way of getting him outside and interested in the world around him. Now we talk about the seeds and the earth and how we feed and water them with his special watering can. How the sun helps and the rain stops plants being thirsty.

Sometimes it’s the simple things toddlers enjoy and this lovely little bag of goodies is a great way to get the most out of a morning at home. I’m sure we’ll being having lots of fun over the coming months with the Little Pals bag – and I really want one of those watering cans!

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