Skin Salveation

From the moment these little people are born there are skin ‘conditions’ to deal with. Unidentified spots, dry patches, weird white bumps – it takes a degree in dermatology to work out what to do and when.

Like most first-time mums I went through several creams and lotions when Arthur’s skin decided to erupt. It was never anything serious but he’s always had a tendency to have a little eczema break-out on his cheeks, usually when he’s run down and poorly.

He’s had steroid cream and special bath stuff which does the trick for a while but I’ve always been searching for something gentle but effective that could be used regularly to help his skin.


So I was really pleased to try Skin Salveation DermaSalve Skin Care Programme. Based in Alnwick, Northumberland, the system targets eczema, psoriasis and most itchy skin conditions and  started life after a group of miners suffering from inflamed skin due to their work environment discovered a combination of ingredients that soothed and improved their skin.

I’ve been using the baby and infant moisturiser and the adult body cream. I used it when Arthur’s skin had a bit of a flair up and I have to say it definitely worked. Soothing and reducing the redness really quickly.

DermaSalve for infants and babies

DermaSalve for infants and babies

It has lovely ingredients such as wheatgerm, jojoba oil, plus vitamin E and C, and means I can help him feel better without heavy creams containing chemicals. I’m so pleased with it but I’m going to keep using it to see if it does actually help his skin improve on it’s own - I need to use it for a longer period to find out. But it was gentle and effective really quickly and had almost no smell.

There are no parabens, alcohol, chemicals or lanolin and generally made me feel in control of Arthur’s skin without resorting to chemical and other nasties. At £4.49 a tub I think it’s absolutely worth trying and would recommend it without hesitation.

I’ve also been using it in conjunction with their laundry powder and the combination seems to be working. The powder is a little strange to begin with because it doesn’t have the familiar smell of convention powders, for obvious reasons. But the clothes and bed sheets have all been washed on 40 degree and 30 degree washes and came out clean with a fresh natural smell. It gave me a warm glow when Arthur snuggled down on his freshly washed pillow!

While I don’t have any skin conditions (unless wrinkles count!), I’ve been using the adult body cream. Again it has no real smell and is extremely gentle with the same gorgeous ingredients of wheatgerm, jojoba oil and vitamins. This had been hugely impressive. When I first used it I thought it felt runny and a bit watery but after rubbing it in it quickly revealed itself to be simply a brilliant product. It left me skin soft and really well moisturised and what I loved was the fact it was absorbed it what seemed like seconds.

DermaSalve body moisturiser

DermaSalve body moisturiser

I use it at night and in the morning my skin feels amazing. You only need a little as well so it seems to be good value for money too. Again to has no real smell which means it doesn’t argue with my perfume and it doesn’t leave marks on your clothes either – a real find. I even used it on my skin after a day in the sun and while it’s not sold as an after sun and makes no claims to this it really helped sooth my skin and by morning my shoulders in particular felt fine again. At £5.99 I think it’s a great price for a quality product.

Dermasalve is an affordable range of great quality skin products for little people with skin conditions such as eczema and adults who want a great moisturiser without the chemical and artificial perfumes many have. I’ll definitely continue to use it.

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