Our week with Aldi

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my conversion to an Aldi supermarket lover.

It’s not somewhere I had shopped much before, but since attending a blogger event and hearing about their ethos, and using their products – this is changing.

I’ve been trying out a few of their products this week and so far they’ve been so good I’m going to change brands. There’s no going back from their baby wipes and now I can say the same about several of their groceries.

So here’s what we’ve been trying out in our house.

Our week with Aldi

Our week with Aldi

Bramwells Tomato Sauce.

This win’s hands down on price, at just 99p for a 563g squeezy bottle. But what did my very own sauce monster think? Arthur loves fishfingers and tomato sauce, scrambled egg and tomato sauce and, quite frankly, he can get tomato sauce into the equation he will!

This sauce had a bit more of a tang than other well known brands but that’s fine with me – I might even go as far as to say it was more tomatoey. I gave it to Arthur with his scrambled egg and after a few minutes was greeted with, “more dip dip mummy’. A very good sign that he liked it! At two he was very clearly mapped out tastes and this seemed to be winner.

Everyday Essentials Spaghetti

Next up we had pasta using Aldi’s  Everyday Essentials range spaghetti – again the price is just amazing. It’s a staggeringly low 19p for 500g, and for most families it’s marrying quality with this kind of price point which is the holy grail of shopping. So I cooked the dried pasta according to the instructions – I always cut a minute or two off so it’s got a bit of a bite. It was lovely! Held the sauce well, had a slightly nutty flavour and generally did everything I wanted from a good cupboard staple.

Almat concentrated washing liquid

Finally this week I’ve been using Aldi’s, Almat concentrated washing liquid and softener. I sound like a broken record but the price, at just £2.39 for a bottle which is supposed to do 28 washes, is hard to beat. The bottle says it works at 30 degrees so I gave it a go and so far so good. It might not have as strong a scent as other leading brands but the clothes were soft, clean and easy to iron. I also kept a close eye on Arthur’s skin to see if any change led to a flair-up. Nothing appeared so that’s a plus for me. It comes in bio and non-bio versions too.

I genuinely believe Aldi is offering a great alternative for families searching to make their money go further. The products have all surpassed my expectations – particularly the baby and toddler stuff.

It’s worth noting that the Aldi Mamia nappies came out as one of the top brands in the  latest Which? survey on disposable nappies. Beaten by only Pampers, the Aldi disposables got an overall customer score of 70%. But they win hands down when it comes to price – a pack of 24 size twos costs just £1.69!

Aldi Baby and Toddler event is back from 30 May

Back by popular demand, Aldi is holding a Baby & Toddler Event in store from 30th May, offering a range of must-have baby product ranges for every parent or parent-to-be at great prices. With everything from jumbo packs of nappies to clothing, to sterilising equipment and bottles, the event is a great excuse to stock up on essentials and special buys for the family

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