Have money – will fly

Last week, if I squinted and stayed inside, I swear I saw the sun. Peering through my curtains I felt the first rays of summer (granted the heating was on so I can’t be 100% sure) and saw that big ole yellow globe.
My thoughts turned to holidays. I’m desperate for a holiday but a kitchen renovation and a bit of titivation in the back garden – ooh er missus- means funds are sadly lacking.
So this week I’ve been looking at ways to save or make money to put towards a couple of flights over to France. Luckily my parents have a house over there so it’s a relatively cheap way of getting some sun for a week. Only trouble is we want to go in August so we’re being held ransom by the school holidays.
If you’ve got gadgets lying around – then you’re just staring at spare cash! We’ve sold our second hand mobiles, including a Blackberry on Music Magpie and it’s hassle free – you may not get the highest price but it’s a compromise between that and spending time and effort. It was a very easy service and the money arrives promptly.  They take loads of different gadgets so well worth a look, even if you think it’s too old to sell, you may be surprised.
Our next stop has been Ebay. To be honest I’m not a huge fan, for two reasons. The fees they sting you with after you’ve sold and the tit for tat feedback games that can happen. That said I’ve managed to sell some old clothes and a table for £110 so that’s a brilliant start.
I highly recommend sitting down and spending an hour getting good photos and a decent description ready, then you can just log on and go. Oh and look out for the free listings as they can save you pounds if you’re selling bigger items.
Gumtree has always been a favourite purely because it’s free and you can tailor it by location as well making delivery and collection really easy. Last week my parents sold their conservatory on there and I’ve bought and sold countless toys. The downside is that people always seem to want to haggle so you often end up with a lower price.
The last one I’m trying is the good old car boot sale. I used to do these but since a certain small person came along they have been impossible. But I’ve booked the grandparents and we’re planning to send a Sunday morning touting our wears to the public. It’s far more time consuming but it means you can get rid of lots in one go. The pitch is costing us just £7 so hopefully it will boost the holiday fund nicely.
Our running total so far from flogging stuff we don’t need or want is £180 – I guess one man’s rubbish really is another’s treasure!

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