Wroxham Barns, a wonderful family day out

Last week the sun finally shined so me and the boy headed out to Wroxham Barns with some of his little posse. Wroxham Barns is a bit of a Norfolk institution – it’s been going since I was a kid so it holds some lovely memories.
Arthur loves feeding the lambs and always gets involved with great gusto – in fact this time he really went for it and when he was passed the huge bottle to feed the lambs, he prompty stuck it in his own mouth. Shamed mother moment!


Feeding the lambs

The Barns are set in the Norfolk countryside just by the famous Broads and had a fab mini farm with lams, hens, pigs, donkeys and some very bad tempered goats. In fact one of my memories of coming here as a child is the horrendous walk through the goat shed as they swiped at your paper bag of food – hooligans! Nothing’s changed so I’ll admit we skipped the goats.

Arthur looking at piglets

Searching for piglets!

There’s a lovely pond with ducks and we even got to see the beautiful tiny new lambs – just the cutest thing ever! It’s all enclosed which means the children can run around without too much concern and there are loads of places to wash your hands. Plus there’s a lovely little soft play area, aptly named ‘The Pigsty’, so if the rain does hit you can still have fun.

The café is also rather lovely and you can pop in for tea and cake or have a proper lunch using lots of local produce, As well as the goats, memories of Wroxham Barns’ cream teas also followed me on our visit and I’m pleased to say they are still there – along with some delicious homemade cakes!

At £5.75 entrance and free for under twos it reasonable and you can easily spend a day wandering round the farm, browsing the local shops which really focus on local produce, and a fab play area with rides – although you do have to buy tokens for these which is a bit of a pain.

It’s just a simple wonderful place to spend time with your children and if you take a picnic it really can be a cheap one. Well done Wroxham Barns for keeping something small and well run rather than turning it over to a large corporate – it’s really appreciated. But if you ever feel like getting rid of those goats you’ll have no argument from me!

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