Spring Cleaning my wardrobe

It’s that time of year when I’ve opened my wardrobe and I have nothing to wear – let me qualify that – I have nothing I want to wear.

It’s time for a spring clean and a chance to update my look and through out those dodgy pieces lurking in the back of my wardrobe – mostly elasticated trousers I wore when pregnant and always think look comfy. I can confirm they are very comfortable – they just look hideous.

I really want a Spring wardrobe that reflects me, some pretty dresses but a bit of a hard edge too. I always have this image in my head but never seem to be able to find the pieces to match my ambition!

Until now. I’ve found Todd Lynn and fallen a little bit in love. Its pricey stuff but even a couple of his pieces will take me through Spring and I can mix and match with my current stuff and some cheaper bits too. My signature look will be rock ‘n’ roll allure by Todd Lynn. His stuff is edgy but timeless and for me solves the dilemma – I’m happy to spend if it’s going to be something I will wear over and over again. Something with class and attitude.

Here are my favourite pieces for a wardrobe Spring clean:

It's beautiful and timeless

It’s beautiful and timeless

SCARF £290 – a great way to brighten up your outfit

Give yourself an edge - perfect!

Give yourself an edge – perfect!

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