Easter bunny battles

This week I’ve been mostly eating air. Monday through to Friday afternoon I steel myself for a breakfast of yogurt, a lunch of nothing much but coffee and dinner which laughs in the face of potatoes.

This diet business drives me crazy but I do have an ulterier motive – less luggage in the trunk when trying for baby number 2. It makes sense but my god, it’s hard work. So walking around the shops in the lead up to Easter has indeed brought me out in a cold sweat. Hundreds of chocolate bunnies and chicks face me at every turn. Their layout like a military assault on my senses, I think I’ve made it but then realise they’ve radioed to their mates who’ve formed a new battle line.

I’ve bought a few eggs already for Arthur and I’m playing some sick game of hide and seek with them. I know where they are, they know I know but I’m not finding them. The need to rid myself of chaffing thighs seems to be winning at the moment. I’ve also bought some new trainers and obviously this means I’ve lost another half a stone, when I get my new jogging bottoms that’ll be another ten pounds off.
On a serious note it’s hard, really hard to keep motivated and to stay ahead of the food game so a big shout out to all of you struggling to lose those pounds. I love food, I love cake, and potatoes and cheese and pasta. They make me feel happy and warm and comforted but the time has come to shed my comfort blanket and start getting this somewhat oversized bum in gear – wish me luck!


While I’m going to try to be good there is Easter and I will have a day off when I indulge a little. I’ve found some Easter bits in Poundland, lovely little easter bun cases with mini bunting and some pretty hanging eggs.

We’ll definitely be having an Easter egg hunt in the garden and I’ll be baking some Easter goodies with Arthur; hopefully Spring will have sprung and we can  make the most of the long weekend.

Over at Asda HQ they’ve teamed up with Zapper, leaders in augmented reality and will be holding the most amazing virtual Easter egg hunt at 400 of their stores across the country. Get down to one of the stores and you can be part of an in-store Easter Egg Hunt, guided by an augmented reality Easter Bunny powered by Zappar.

The fun will be taking place from 10am – 4.30pm on Saturday 23rd March. Special Easter Egg points will be hidden and when zapped using the Asda app, which you can download for free,, each egg will transform into virtual 3D Easter Eggs revealing an Easter Bunny hidden inside that will display a secret letter. At the end you’ll get a free gift.

If you haven’t got a Smartphone you can still join in as there will be events people on hand with iPads so everyone can enjoy the fun.

You’ll also be able to take home a face mask from stores that when zapped, replaces the wearer’s head with that of the Easter Bunny. This exclusive experience has been made all the more possible with the recent installation of Wi-Fi in all Asda stores.
It’s a bit fo Easter fun for free – worth doing if you’re near a store with the kids.

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