Shelving my plans for a good book

March 7 was World Book Day and it made two things abundantly clear to me. The first is the importance of reading to your children, sparking their imagination and making the words on the pages come to life. The second is far more practical, that my insatiable urge to buy more and more books means I will soon be lost under an avalanche of paperbacks unless I address my lack of storage soon!

I’ve always wanted a library room, ceiling to floor wooden shelves filled with all my cherished books. But when you live in a city terrace house this is about as likely as me giving up the real thing and heading to the dark side with a Kindle – I know they’re great and it’s my issue.

I’ve been looking at my options and there are lots out there from funky plastic coloured shelves to a traditional book case in wood – more my style I think.

My own mini library

My own mini library

I want them to be sturdy and child-friendly as far as possible while looking stylish and classic. John Lewis really do hit the mark with some great options for our sitting room and Arthur’s room – it seems his collection is growing at an equally alarming rate.  This one on the left also means I get to indulge in my library fantasy. You can also get an L-shaped one which also sent shivers of excitement down my spine! I’m just glad the only books Jonathan reads are gadget-related manuals!

Perfet for Arthur's room

Perfect for Arthur’s room

They’ve also got some more modern options in plastics and practical options with cupboard and shelve combos so you can store stuff you don’t really want to be seen and close the doors on it.

So while others may be looking for a new outfit or buying some tunes I’ll be spending a very happy few hours on their site, choosing the best bookcases and storage for my precious reads -  and loving every minute of it.

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