ohyo collapsabottle – space squashing brilliance!

 Since Arthur’s been born I’ve accumulated a vast array of plastic stuff. Stuff for his bath, stuff to change him on, eat off and most prominently of all – stuff out of which he can drink.
There are so many bottles to choose from, ones with straws, sippy cups, it’s mind-blowing. But one flaw they all have is their size! It’s not easy to store several large bottles, they don’t stack like plates and I’m always taking them apart to make more room.
So I was so pleased to be sent the new Ohyo collapsabottle. It’s utterly ingenious and you know something’s good when you think: “I can’t believe no one’s done that before”.

ohyo collapseabottle

ohyo collapseabottle

The cup comes in blue, pink, white and green and is concertina shaped so basically it folds down into a disc. Perfect for packing away if you’re off on holiday or for storing in the cupboard. This brilliant design doesn’t detract from the usage either, it’s pretty non-spill and Arthur happily took in on a long journey and chucked it on the floor several times without damage.

The cups are BPA-free and carbon neutral so help quell my growing sense of environmental guilt.The colours are plain so I’d happily take it out with me for the day too or to the gym (I’m sure I’ll return one day). It also has a wide neck so it’s really easy to wash up or bung in the dishwasher.

There are so many cups on the market but this hits the spot for me because it addresses storage as well as being easy to use for little hands – I actually think the concertina shape makes it easier for them to grip on to.

For £4.99 they are a brilliant design and definitely worth a look if you’re on the hunt for a new cup for little people.

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