On the road and blitzing the post-Christmas padding

Over the last few weeks me and the boy have been in the car quite a lot.
I’d like to point out we have been going places, not just sitting there hoping someone will drive us, but it’s thrown a spotlight on the problem of feeding and watering him on a long, or to be honest, short journey.

Normally I place a drink and a snack on his lap turn round, start the engine and pray that he manages to get some in his mouth before covering himself in a pasty mixture of juice and corn crisp. I fear one day I’ll turn round and he’ll have turned into a corn paste statue, unable to move after flinging drinks and food into a heady mix and covering himself. Giving it just enough time to dry before we arrive.

Thankfully this never happens and we’ve arrived unscathed. The same can’t be said for the car which often leaves Jonathan in a weeping heap when we roll-up home and I open the door and out falls the entire contents of Arthur’s lunchbox.

This week we road tested, the new Munchkin 10oz Clip Lock cup for toddlers and their Snack-a-bowls. The new cup was fantastic, with an easy to hold design which meant Arthur didn’t struggle with it and throw it out of frustration. Also it says it’s leak-proof and it means it!

Munchkin Clip Lock 10oz cup

Munchkin Clip Lock 10oz cup

I tested it by shaking it and dropping it and the hardy cup didn’t give up one dribble of juice.

Arthur loves the straw and I really recommend it for a long journey as it doesn’t require tipping which can be difficult for little people strapped into car seats. munchkin has also managed to design a cup with a straw that lets you get all the liquid out – it’s a little bit of magic in a cup!

The snack pots were also a winner. I‘ve tried the snack pots with the lid that lets children pull out food before and found the lids quite hard. This means Arthur has stuck his little hand in but either got it stuck or only pulled out a tiny piece of food.

The Munchkin pot has a much softer top which means it’s a lot easier to use and I really noticed his frustration levels were not as high during the journey as he could pop his little hands in and munch happily on raisons and other goodies without losing a finger!

Arthur kicking back with his new snack-a-bowl

Arthur kicking back with his new snack-a-bowl

These were two great products I would definitely recommend. They look great too and I love the colours of the snack pots, which also stack really easily in the cupboard.

Day one of operation lard ar*se is up and running. I joined a well known slimming club and questioned my intentions straight away when I was drawn to the beef pie on the front cover of the famous slimming club’s cook book and bought it. Now I know you shouldn’t deprive yourself but pies and diets are not happy bedfellows! To ease my conscience I bought the entire contents of the fruit and veg section on my way home from work. At home I was met with Jonathan’s encouraging words: “ But what real food am I going to eat?” – I directed him to the pie on the cover of the cookbook and left to make celery flowers and carrot batons – you eat with your eyes apparently.

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