Children in Need pit stop

Just a quick mini blog about our Children in Need antics.

We got some lovely Children in Need things from Asda and put on our best Mary Berry face to bake up a storm. Soon Arthur and I had turned the house into large mixing bowl, flour adorning walls and eggs sliding gently down my kitchen walls before plopping to the ground and being eaten by the cats  – I’d like to point out I did have extra eggs for the real baking and didn’t scrape the remains up!

It was fantastic fun and reminded my how lucky I am to be spending time with my little man, in a nice (if slightly floury) home. I don’t need to talk about the children who don’t have these opportunities – I can do it no more justice than the many articles and films we’ll all watch Friday night and beyond.

Sometimes it’s frustrating being a parent and sometimes it’s hard and tiring and many other things. But there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, no monster too big for me to fight. I just wish all children had that. So, for me, Children in Need is the monster-fighting machine I support. My cakes maybe wonky and a little flat and the house so covered I’m thinking of making it a papiermache statement. But the sentiment is as big as it can be and I’ll be baking again before Friday as it’s my little bit of monster-fighting for those babies not as lucky as my boy.

What  they lack in style they make up for in taste! I just hope my humble chocolate and raspberry buns raise a few pounds to help – running total so far is £23, but we still have to collect from Granny and a couple of suspect friends who whipped a bun off the cooling rack with promises of payment to come.

Asda have some fab goodies for Children in Need, from aprons to brightly coloured mixing bowls, which we’ve been using to make our cakes and biscuits. At only £5 for a set of four brightly coloured bowls they are fantastic value. A great place to do your bit with the weekly shop – get down to your local store and make a difference!

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