Children in Need pit stop

Just a quick mini blog about our Children in Need antics.

We got some lovely Children in Need things from Asda and put on our best Mary Berry face to bake up a storm. Soon Arthur and I had turned the house into large mixing bowl, flour adorning walls and eggs sliding gently down my kitchen walls before plopping to the ground and being eaten by the cats  – I’d like to point out I did have extra eggs for the real baking and didn’t scrape the remains up!

It was fantastic fun and reminded my how lucky I am to be spending time with my little man, in a nice (if slightly floury) home. I don’t need to talk about the children who don’t have these opportunities – I can do it no more justice than the many articles and films we’ll all watch Friday night and beyond.

Sometimes it’s frustrating being a parent and sometimes it’s hard and tiring and many other things. But there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, no monster too big for me to fight. I just wish all children had that. So, for me, Children in Need is the monster-fighting machine I support. My cakes maybe wonky and a little flat and the house so covered I’m thinking of making it a papiermache statement. But the sentiment is as big as it can be and I’ll be baking again before Friday as it’s my little bit of monster-fighting for those babies not as lucky as my boy.

What  they lack in style they make up for in taste! I just hope my humble chocolate and raspberry buns raise a few pounds to help – running total so far is £23, but we still have to collect from Granny and a couple of suspect friends who whipped a bun off the cooling rack with promises of payment to come.

Asda have some fab goodies for Children in Need, from aprons to brightly coloured mixing bowls, which we’ve been using to make our cakes and biscuits. At only £5 for a set of four brightly coloured bowls they are fantastic value. A great place to do your bit with the weekly shop – get down to your local store and make a difference!

Winx Club, whirlwinds and perfecting the art of London travel

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks and, in the last couple of days, quite literally too. I’m not talking about the terrible aftermath of Huricanne Sandy – more the fact that Arthur threw himself down the stairs. Oh yes, you read that correctly, my little chap hurtled, very much like a whirlwind, down our stairs as I watched from the top.

He’s fine, shocked but fine. I on the otherhand now fear each stair as if it may be my last. I’m still not quite sure how it happened but it did and bloody hell it scared the life out of me. It’s everyday accidents and falls like this that makes me realise how important learning first aid really is. During our previous manic weekend we’d gone along to the Baby Show at Earl’s Court to attend a lesson in first from the British Red Cross. I mentioned last week how they’ve launched a campaign, The First Aid Challenge, to get more parents up to speed on what to do if you’re little ones get injured. All I can say is it was a real eye-opener and my sister-in-law and I have signed up for the full course now.

Short of a crash helmet and bubble wrap suit, I think it’s one of the best things I can do for Arthur – incidents like the stairs drama make you realise just how vulnerable they are and how much they rely on you to make things better.

On a lighter note our whirlwind weekend in London was fantastic and we packed loads in. My sister-in-law and I managed to force my brother to baby sit all the children while we went to watch Dara O’Briain at Hammersmith Appollo – hilarious and after two pints and a couple of codeine (I had a headache, not just a hankering for a legal high) it felt like a proper night out.

We went to the Baby Show on the saturday, which, I have to say I was a little disappointed with. Now I’ve been before and loved it but this year seemed to lack something, a little heart and soul maybe and I was really disappointed with the creche – so much so that I didn’t even use the last sessions I’d booked in. The girls were nice enough but it was cold and vast and just not a great place – a real shame. But it was fantastic to hear Professor Robert Winston talk and it is always a good place to go for hints and tips and a little look at all the new crazes in the world of babies and small people – that’s one thing the show always does well.

The journey home was a complete nightmare and took 2 and a half hours – mainly due to my yokel-infused incompetence on the tube. I ‘tapped’ when I shouldn’t leaving us all stranded, then forgot to ‘tap’ on the bus. The bus police got on and threatened me with a £80 fine. Luckily my sister-in-law did all the talking while I stood, mute, barely able to comprehend what they were saying so foreign is the world of public transport to me. I contemplated faking a foreign accent or simply crying but evenutally she worked her magic and we got home.

On Sunday morning we made our way to Covent Garden for the Winx Club Doll launch. What a fab way to spend a morning. I was a bit worried Arthur might not enjoy it but he really did. There were girls dressed in sparkly dresses which he found most exciting and an unending supply of popcorn and forbidden drinks which he also loved.

The magical world of Winx Club

We sat in the cinema and watched two new episodes of this Nickelodeon show. Although primarily a show for little girls there are enough princes and baddies to make it fun for little boys too. My favourite line of the show has to be :” So no prince-crowning for me this week.” It’s a triumph of cool girls that happen to be really nice and save the world in their spare time. It’s magical, colourful and I must admit I really enjoyed it too. Afterwards there was dancing and craft tables and loads for little hands to get involved with. A really nice Sunday morning and an introduction to a show I’d never seen but would definitely watch with children again.

The party was to launch the fifth animated series which will regularly air on
Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7.30am on Nickelodeon and I think the magical world of Alfea College – the finest fairy school in the magical realm - will be revisited by Arthur and I on a weekend.

Next week I’m concentrating on money saving fun for Christmas both in the house and out and about. Plus how to get your house clean with an eco twist – and believe me for someone who usually relies on bleach and fabreeze this will be quite a challenge!