Lollibop, lathered up and all things beige

It’s been a funny week. I went from writing a proposal for the communication of a large regulatory change campaign to bopping along as two hot sweaty men in Waybuloo costumes performed yoga inspired dance moves on stage. I’m not sure if the latter was a figment of my over-worked imagination – staring at powerpoint can do that to a girl.

I jest – this was no stress-induced halucination. The yoga girating men in giant costumes were all part of the fantastic Lollibop festival. Held in Regent’s Park, the festival is especially designed for small people and I have to say it was absolutely amazing. I went along with my sister-in-law Ruth, niece Florence and baby nephew Jimmy, oh and of course my lovely Arthur. It was spread across the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we rocked up on the Friday.

The sun was shining and from the beginning the whole festival had a fab atmosphere. We first stopped of at the Rescue Remedy stall and had a cheeky shoulder and back massage while the kids were looked after by registered childminders. We felt it was important we were relaxed and able to enjoy the day – ahem. With a spring in our step we hit the entertainment with Mister Maker, The Gruffalo and Waybuloo all on stage in some brilliant productions – I was particularly impressed with The Gruffalo show. There was also baby sensory areas with massage, live music with lots of small people bopping along with Cbeebies characters, baby discos, loads of lovely stalls and plenty to fill the day.

Arthur was subdued when Waybuloo took to the stage

There was also loads of stuff for older children and I can honestly say I enjoyed myself as much as Arthur and the gang of smallies – I am aware it’s not a word but it sounds cute. There were  proper breast and bottle feeding tents and a huge, well equipped baby changing tent which even provided nappies – a really welcome addition to any event. We got there about ten and basically had to be kicked out at 6pm. 




Now Lollibop might not officially be a short-cut or a time-saver but sometimes it’s just about earning a few  brownie  points and knowing I can dine out on that for a few weeks to come. Arthur ate his body weight in sweets  and icecream and enjoyed a well balanced picnic tea with his cousin consisting of a wide range of beige food. After they’d screammed and run the e numbers and sugar out of their system it was time for us to go home and for me to put my mucky little boy in the bath before force-feeding him some fruit.

Asda’s ‘Little Angels’Dry and Sensitive Bath and Body Wash and Shampoo were just what I needed for a quick but proper bath. Now if you’ve read my previous post you’ll know I’m not keen on having my boy over-perfumed and these fragrance free products were fab. I also like getting him in the shower – but sometimes only a bath will do. The bath and body wash produced loads of lovely bubbles and left Arthur’s skin feeling really soft. In fact, he’s had a patch of dry skin on his tummy and after a few baths this has actually disappeared.It’s paraben free, really gentle and because it does two jobs in one it means one less product to worry about – I just washed him with the bubbles.

The shampoo lathered up well and left his hair really soft. I also found I needed hardly any so it’s really good value for money. The Little Angels range has become one of my favourite because, although really well-priced, it doesn’t compromise on caring for delicate skin – all in all really great products.

Top tips

I do try to make food so Arthur always has something good in the freezer. But I’ve just been to M&S and they have their children’s meals at two for £3. A real bargain and full of good stuff so I’ve stocked up so we have plenty of nice stuff for tea!

I’ve bought Arthur a sandpit – watch this space for tales of temporary blindness, sand poos and tips on how to get sand back in the pit.


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