Rants, raspberries and ride-ons

Someone once told me that you’re only as happy as your least happy child. All I can say is I must have been extremely unhappy earlier this week.

Arthur had the kind of meltdown that could bring a country to its knees, scare off threats of nuclear war, and basically left me rocking to and fro on the sofa unable to remember my name. It started when I refused to let him ‘hold’ my phone. Now he had been ‘holding’ the phone for a long time, bashing it on the coffee table, twice calling random people in my contacts and licking the delicate, moisture sensitive screen.

I removed it and tried to tempt him with a delicious bowl of raspberries and strawberries – normally a winner. He took exception to this poor imitation of a phone and threw the whole lot on the floor before running to the glass back doors and bashing his head repeatedly on the door. Followed up screaming at a pitch only dogs can hear and pulling anything he could get his angry little hands on from the kitchen work top.

All in all a pleasant Monday afternoon which ended with three strawberries and a raspberries trodden into the carpet by his violently aggrieved little feet. My heart sinks when I try to clean carpets – let’s face it usually you’re left with one of those not quite there but still there stains. This time I tried Vax Carpet Stain and Spot remover. It’s a spray which, unlike many of the others I’ve tried, doesn’t require seven different clothes, six weeks to dry and the perspiration of an Eygyptian nun to work.

It was so simple, just remove any excess stuff, spray and wipe the stain towards the middle. It really works! Not only was it straightforward but also had a nice citrus smell and dried really quickly, I was genuinely impressed by how quickly the stains were removed. I really liked the fact you could easily direct the spray and that it didn’t leave any horrible stickiness.  I actually used it again last night on a coffee stain and it was as good. It is definitley going to be a staple in my cupboard for a real timesaving way to get rid of nasty spills and stains.

Spurred on by my rasberry triumph, Arthur’s dad decided to use the Vax carpet cleaner and go the whole hog on the landing carpet. Again it worked a treat, was easy to add to the Vax machine and just left the carpet looking fresh, clean and even got rid of an unidentified stain we’ve walked past for several months.

We’ve been making the most of the sun this week and Arthur’s been attempting to ride his new Mookie Scuttlebug scooter. It’s a fab little thing that definitely makes my life easier as it folds up neatly and stores in a small place. I can take it out and about and it’s not much hassle to carry around when his three minute concentration span expires and he has to get off or life as he know’s it will end – you know the sort of thing I mean!

It feels sturdy and well made so I know he feels quite safe on it and generally it’s a great thing to have. Sometimes he gets it out and rides it up and down the kithen and then I just pop it back behind the fridge where it lives. I also think it’s great for younger children as it’s quite small with plenty of width to the seat so balance is not an issue. He loves it and, for under £30, I would really recommend it.

Top tips

When I’m getting ready for work in the morning my bathroom routine consists of fending off a small person while cleaning my teeth and attempting to apply at least some mascara and camoflage to my undereye bags. I have about ten minutes before he’s trying to empty the bin or put his hand in the loo. So I’ve bought a spare wicker basket that looks very much like the ones we already have in the bathroom and filled in with empty bottles of shower gel, old flannels and the odd empty loo roll. It means he’ll sit down and play with, what he thinks are prohibited objects, and I get an extra five minutes to create something that doesn’t frighten small children (other than my own of course).

Straws – if I need five minutes to myself I give Arthur a drink with a straw. It’s so simple! He thinks it’s amazing and very grown up and he will sit quietly on a chair and work his way through the whole drink. He will not be disturbed and doesn’t move til the whole lot has gone,

This weekend we’re off to Lollibop with my sister-in-law, niece Florence and delicious new addition to the clan, baby Jimmy. Arthur is a little in awe of his big cousin and last time we went up to see her, he was overwhelmed and laughed at her every word. Very sweet!

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