Don’t cry over spilt milk- and buy a booster seat!

During a particularly busy period at work I found myself reading about the intellectual development of my 16 month old son. Oh god no – apparently I should be offering him a choice.

I picked him up, we got home hot and tired. I was desperate for the loo and I could see him heading for the cat’s tail. Quick – let’s develop his intellect, I haven’t got long.  I asked if he would like banana or yogurt. “Yeah, yeah, yeah” was the response. Then he threw his milk (must point out I didn’t offer him a choice of drink, so perhaps I brought it on myself) on the floor and I spent half an hour frantically trying to stop it sinking into the fibres of our cream carpet.

And therein lies the problem. I don’t have time to offer choices and mop up milk – something has to give and so I’ve begun to look at ways I can claw back some time. What are the gadgets, products and places that save me time and make my life as a working mother just a tad easier.

This isn’t woe is me working mum moaning. Nor is it about wearing it like a badge of honour. It just happens to be my life at the moment. It can be busy and stressful but it’s quite fun too. But let’s face it if I can save an hour on the cleaning or tick the attentive mummy box on occasion then everyone’s a winner. So I will be taking a wonky and often chaotic jaunt through life’s short cuts.

What’s been making my life easier this week:

Wow - now this is better

After many hours wasted trying to wedge Arthur into a high chair I thought I would give a booster seat a go. Bingo! I think he was just fed up being the odd one out planted on the edge of a table. I tried the Fisher Price Healthy Care booster seat as it was a great price and looked easy to use. It really was easy to set-up with three settings depending on your child’s age and easy straps which simply clip round the back of any dining chair. The straps are quite similar to those on a push chair so pretty easy to get right. It just just made life so much easier and Arthur seemed to love it – feeling a bit more like part of the family. The FisherPrice seat was easy to assemble and just as easy to wipe clean with the advantage of removable trays and nice smooth surfaces perfect for a quick wipe. So in my quest for short cuts and time savers this is definitely up there. Not only did I save time trying to squeeze a very determined toddler into a high chair but he also liked it so much lunch was far quicker and morepleasant process.

Top tip -Like loads of toddlers, Arthur has a favourite toy, happens to be a cuddly Winnie the Pooh. Now Winnie goes everywhere which involves being dropped in muck, chewed to within an inch of his life and often used as a convenient hanky alternative. As you can imagine he is in desperate need of a wash so instead of waging war against my mini tyrant I bought three the same. Not just two as everyone recommended – he could sniff out the second and somehow sensed where it was. The magic three seems to have scrambled his jedi powers – it’s like his little brain can’t possibly comprehend there would be more than two! Big outlay but has saved me time and sanity and means I can chuck Winnie in the washing machine and relax.

Next time I’ll be sharing my secrets  on the best meal cheats and morning time savers, plus how to be a domestic devil and proud.


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